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At Live Be Free Drug Free, we are striving to bring awareness to the drug and mental health epidemic by advocating for recovery and re-integration into society for those affected by this crisis while providing the needed resources to achieve the specific goals. Our main focus in aiding those affected by drug abuse and any mental health condition is to shine light upon these combination of issues that are often overlooked .


LBFDF’s Co-Founder’s both relate to the basis and grounds of this organization as one was married to someone who battled drug addiction; and the other faced mental health issue of their own, later deciding to come together to start this project. They utilized their knowledge and  background in apparel design to create cool and edgy wearable products in order for them to help contribute to their Second Chance Fund. (please see our Second Chance Fund page to learn more) 


We are a startup nonprofit organization with the belief that with a strong community we can unite our country and start a nationwide movement that has yet to be created.

Donate to our Second Chance Fund that can help save lives.


Per each state’s regulation's, you can only donate to our fund if you are a resident of California, Arizona, Wyoming, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, Idaho, Montana and Indiana.  


You can also give back by purchasing merchandise from our online retail shop on our website without any state’s restrictions. 

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