Donate to our Second Chance Fund that can help save lives.


Per each state’s regulation's, you can only donate to our fund if you are a resident of California, Arizona, Wyoming, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, Idaho, Montana and Indiana.  


To donate outside of the mentioned states, you can donate through our gofundme button 

To donate outside of the mentioned states, you can donate through our gofundme button 




Our Second Chance Fund was created with the belief that everyone deserves a second chance at life. Many of us make mistakes and although knowing it’s a mistake, still manage to let our mistakes get the best of us. At that point we let our will power go and give in to what many call weak. We must understand that we are all made different. Some of us didn’t have many choices, while some of us did. That’s just all part of life. We cannot change that, but what we can change is the way we view and take action against the fastest growing epidemic of our time. We must fight together and not against each other. 


While things are easier said than done taking the first steps is always the hardest. This is why Live Be Free Drug Free created the Second Chance Fund. With donations from the community to fund LBFDF, many individuals seeking help for addiction recovery can achieve their life goals of one day being sober and staying drug free. We would achieve this by starting our 2 year program that will provide the needed resources and services that is desperately needed. Getting the seekers through detox and rehabilitation is just the first step. Once the rehabilitation program is completed, we would help with the reintegration process by searching for housing opportunities, job opportunities- providing AA/NA sponsorship and therapy sessions on a regular basis. These essential programs are needed to prevent permanent mental illness


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